If you were a customer and have a support question, please do feel free to ring, text or email. If you ordered a cylinder with restricted copying of keys, please do continue to get contact for extra key copies.

I am still carrying out some kinds of jobs in the local area, so if you need a cylinder replacing or a bike lock removing for example, please do still consider contacting me.


Welcome to Stockwell Locksmiths’ home page. Call us on 07706 533 488 or 020 7498 3773.

We offer lock servicing and opening in the Stockwell, Larkhall and Ferndale areas.

A family-run business, we actually are local to the area, and if not already on a job can be with you in 15 minutes. We are not 24 hour, but it may be worth a call anyway as we may be working late (or early!).

Our charges can be found here.

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